Additional features

Command line options

  • -?, -h or --help to display available command line options
  • --version to display information about the current spirit version
  • -q or --quiet to run quietly
  • -f or --cfg to set an inputfile
  • -i or --image to read in an initial spin configuration file
  • -c or --chain to in an initial spin configuration chain file

Note: When reading an initial image (or chain), the number of spins (per image) should match the number of spins specified in the input file. Note: When both parameters -c <file> and -i <file> are used, only the chain is read while -i <file> is ignored.

Running quietly

If you pass quiet=true (C) or quiet=True (Python) when creating the state, or use the --quiet command line option, spirit will write out some initial information, but after that only errors, if any occur.

Stopping a running process by interrupting

If you are running spirit within a terminal and press ctrl+c once, currently running simulations will be stopped. If you press it again within 2 seconds, spirit will shut down without further output.

Stopping a running process without interrupting

Place a file called STOP into the working directory, i.e. where the spirit state was created. Spirit will finish any currently running iteration, write out any output as if it was the final iteration, and shut down.